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Keep your Mac happy with Memory BoostUp, the FREE optimizer for OS X
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Memory BoostUp
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29 January 2014

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As compared to a Windows based system, the Mac line of personal computers has always demonstrated a superior performance in handling multiple programs simultaneously. However if you have been using a Mac machine for a long time, it too would slowly start to get overburdened and eventually become slow as more and more application make demand from its limited memory. Further a host of old files and program structures may keep drawing your system resources. In such cases you can get hold of a utility like the Memory BoostUp 1.0 to freshen up your trusted Macintosh and remove unnecessary elements.

When you launch the Memory BoostUp 1.0 application you are greeted with an aesthetically appealing interface which is blue hued. At start it would showcase the amount of memory and disk space available in the system. Further it would also automatically recommend it you need a boost up or not. In case you are looking to freshen up your system just click on the Boost Now button and the application will do the rest. In case you are looking to launch complex memory hogging applications then you may even check the Aggressive Mode option which will extract every possible memory resource available. This remarkable tool is available at absolutely no cost and is extremely easy to operate. If you wish to tailor the application as per your need you just need to visit the preferences window and set the required options like auto-run etc.

Now if you have an old Mac machine at your home and want get some more juice out of it then we suggest that you get hold of the remarkable Memory BoostUp 1.0 without further ado. Owing to its optimum performance in speeding up your system we mark it with a score of three and a half rating stars.

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Keep your Mac happy with Memory BoostUp, the best free RAM optimizer for OS X. Mac OS is very competent at managing your system memory, but manually freeing and purging memory can be beneficial to performance in some instances. We recommend running manual memory boosts prior to launching memory intensive applications such as graphic design packages, games and emulators. Memory BoostUp features an easy to use interface, as well as an unobtrusive menubar mode (and autorun option). Use Memory BoostUp to boost your Mac's memory for FREE today.
Memory BoostUp
Memory BoostUp
Version 1.0
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